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Colleen Englert

426 Hoffman Road Rochester NY 14622

Tel: 585-721-5427

About Us

From A Young Age...

I have had a deep respect and fascination with old headstones and monuments.  The lives that people had lived, places life took them and the loved ones they left behind.  Now having loved ones of my own laid to rest, its such a nice feeling approaching a site that is adorned with flowers and/or personal mementos. 

     I created Whispering Pines Gravesite Care to provide that feeling for you. Eenabling you to express your love for those you hold so dear and trust that work performed will be done with the utmost respect and dignity.


Let Me Help You...​

     I realize for whatever reason, many people are unable to personally provide the care needed to keep the gravesite of a loved one maintained properly.


     Time schedules, distance, physical limitations or emotional reasons may not allow you to visit the cemetery when or as often as you would like.  With that in mind, valuable time spent there should be to reflect and remember the part of your heart that this place now holds.